(Our friend, Saint Joan, is happy and of fine culture, but is She strong enough to be a good partner?)

 Beloved Joan, Beautiful Angel, Heavenly Joan, give me some saltpeter. Darf ich mit Ihnen unter vier Augen sprechen, heh, heh?


(Queen Elizabeth, is wealthy, but She covets our rightful inheritance. Her ships are even now exploring our, er coastline.)

Sweet Elizabeth, perhaps you would consider a trade, eh? I give you a little and you give me a little. (Sie sieht aus, als ob sie kein Wässerchen trüben könnte!)


(Czarina Catherine is our good neighbor. She could be a good ally -- if she remembers her place.)

Dearest Catherine. Is that a new dress? It looks wonderful on you. Here is your annual tribute. What do you mean it's not enough? And by the way, could you tell your Cossacks to get off the Palace lawn? They're trampling on the roses, wenn ich bitten darf.

The Luxembourg Strategy: Keeping good relations with your neighbors is of critical importance, especially when lacking a sizeable military. Don't be afraid to beg. Plead on your knees. Whatever it takes to preserve the family jewels. Ah hmm.