Saint Joan of Arc

We are on a mission from God.  

Chancellor Von Bismark

It is not a dishonor to declare war. It is only a dishonor to promise one thing and do another. Declare war before attacking. 

Mahatma Gandhi

We must bring peace into the world. The fastest way to bring peace is with war.

Queen Elizabeth

Wars are good exercise. A little fresh air and sunshine never hurt anybody. 

Czarina Catherine

There are nineteen turns left in that dastardly peace treaty, then you'll get your comeuppance. 

Shogun Tokugawa

For the sake of our inner peace, we must attack. 

Chairman Mao

We will liberate the masses, even if we have to annihilate them first. 

Chief Hiawatha

Like the Great Spirit when He speaks in the clouds, the Warrior confronts evil with his Courage.

President Lincoln

We fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Shaka Zulu

Because we can.