Roman Goddess of Fortune and Hope

3500 BC
Rome is Rich! Or is it?

Fortuna Hususce Diei smiles on Rome. We have founded our civilization along a fertile river, near gold, cattle and spices. We are happy with our lot. But then we discover a rival to the south, the Chinese. They will take the best lands, and leave us helpless to our enemies. 

A plan begins to take shape. We must make a stab for greatness. 

O Fortuna! Like the moon everchanging,  rising first, then declining.

3350 BC
Do We Dare Risk it All?

We have brought our forces within the borders of Beijing. Our people are ready, and united. If only Fortuna Romana will smile on us once again. 

Detestable life now hardens, then heals, the edge of the mind with a game.


3300 BC
The Die Tumbles

Declaring war, as is our right under the ancient rules of combat, we take Beijing. Both our warriors survive. The warrior that captures Beijing is promoted to veteran rank.

Our empire has doubled in size, while the Chinese empire has been halved. We will sue for peace. Fortuna Conservatrix rules over us. Our ambition has been abated ... for now.

She dissolves poverty and power like ice.