(without a Great Leader for Rushing)


After a long war against the Zulus with Sword and Catapult, and a short war with Cavalry against the Germans,
the English (Orange) are in good position going into the Industrial Age.

Normally, after so many combats England could rush the Forbidden Palace with a Great Leader,
but this time no such Leader emerged.


Munich 1555 AD

England is strong, but confronted by many potential threats from hostile Civilizations jealous of England's success. When war breaks out again -- and it will -- England will likely be forced to occupy the neighboring countries.

Consequently, the best placement for the Forbidden Palace is in the far western edge of the Empire, where it will be in the very center of the continent. That place is the little town of Munich.

Munich 1555 AD

Like most recently conquered towns, Munich has virtually no infrastructure. Due to corruption, the Forbidden Palace will take 200 turns to complete.

Munich 1620 AD

With conventional rush-building, we can finish an improvement every other turn. By deleting one unit per turn, we can finish an improvement every turn. We have already rushed the Temple, Cathedral, Courthouse, Library, Colosseum, and University, all cultural improvements. 

Also, workers have settled in the town of Munich increasing its size dramatically. Other workers improve the land; first for food to support the immigrant population, then for shields.

Munich 1650 AD

With all major improvements completed, the little town of Munich has grown into a thriving metropolis, we can now finish the Forbidden Palace in just 13 turns.

Munich 1700 AD

With the Forbidden Palace completed, corruption is abated, not just in Munich, but in all the surrounding cities, as well.

More important, Munich is now a center of culture and learning, demonstrating to England's neighbors, the superiority of English culture. This will help keep the citizens of the old Germany happy within the English Empire, and entice the residents of nearby civilizations.