Start your town as soon as possible. Maybe right where you started. 

Placement of your second town is nearly as important. Take note of the dye in the northern jungles, silk in the southern forests, a little bit of a river to the southeast. Pop-rush a Settler and grab these resources. 
If you look carefully, you will see that nearly every available space has been taken, with very little overlap, except for one square near the coast at the top left of the map. The spearman will hold that place until the nearby temple is rush-built. The extra culture should allow the jungle-city, Cologne, to control that square within a few turns of the temple's completion, then the Spearman can move. 
A look at the known world. The French to the south are squeezed along the coast. The Russians to the north have to contend with jungle terrain. Our Civilization, the Germans, have 9 cities, with access to plenty of food, shields and resources.
After pop-rushing Temples, and connecting the cities with roads, all these fertile lands will be civilized.